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Non-mainstream Kemetic Club's Journal
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Saturday, February 7th, 2009
9:10 am
kemetic calendar & holidays
Hi.  I'm Renee, just-about-26, and a "freelance" kemetic for about three years now.  A little background (you can skip this, if you want, seriously) before my question:  I started out chiefly concerned with and interested in Aset (she was the one who "called me" so to speak) before feeling the other aspects of Netjer.  I gave HoN a shot, but was put off by things such as parent divination, "right" and "wrong" ways to set up a beginner's altar, and, oh, some little bit I heard about staying away from Senut while you're on your period (has anyone else heard this, or was I dreaming?).  I've been berated by those who believe I'm too "white" to be Kemetic (don't even get me started on this.   Racism is a burden of mankind - don't drag Netjer into it).   For now I just pray and meditate on my own.  I listen to Imakhu's Nubia Goddess Rising podcasts - I like that she's Afrocentric without ever sliding into racism, though she is more concerned with initiation than I am.   Lately I've been feeling close to Shu.   That's about it.

Anyway, I've gotten comfortable enough in my spirituality where I'd like to try celebrating (err...more praying and decorating my altar than actually attempting to throw a party for what would be a group of very confused people) to holidays.  However, I know the Kemetic calendar can be a tricky thing, what with New Years falling around August (I think?  Correct me if I'm wrong), and different length weeks and months, meaning holidays aren't on the same day every year.   Is there a site I can visit where this year or days of this year can be translated into what it would correspond in the Kemetic calendar?  Or an actual 2009 Kemetic Calendar I can order that isn't expensive?  I don't know.  It's hard to word this right when I'm not sure what I'm asking, lol.  Also, maybe a list of the "basic" holidays (if there are such thing), and around when they fall.  I know there's the Epagomenal days (July?), the festival of Hathor at Dendera (no idea when this is), and, I think, the mourning of Asar, and forget the others.  Also, maybe some sort of explanation as to how exactly to celebrate?  Arrgh, I know I'm asking a lot;  I just don't know where to start.

I apologize for the messiness of this post.  Also if I wrote anything stupid or offensive, please feel free to let me know - just know it wasn't intentional.

thanks in advance,

- R
Tuesday, November 18th, 2008
7:12 am
Hours (Yunu version)
First hour of the day: From the womb of Nut, Khepri, the sun beetle is born, and rolls the sun to the horizon.
Second hour of the day: As the sun transforms into the Mandjet boat, Khepri becomes a powerful man with a hawk's head, Ra.
Third hour of the day: The Mandjet boat, guided by Maat and Tehuti continues to climb in the sky. Ra showers his blessings over the land.
Fourth hour of the day: The goddess Sesheta comes, as well as Set.
Fifth Hour: The enemy of Ra, Apep, appears, and is dispatched by Ra with the aid of Set.
Sixth Hour: The enemy of Ra, Nik, appears, and is dispatched by Ra with the aid of Set.
Seventh Hour: The enemy of Ra, Sebiu, appears, and is dispatched by Ra with the aid of Set.
Eighth hour: the Mandjet boat becomes the Sektet boat. Ra grows older.
Ninth hour: Aset steals Ra's secret, sacred Name, making her a goddess. Ra grows older.
Tenth hour: Ra becomes Temu.
Eleventh hour: Temu is weak and blind, needing the support of Hathor to stand.
Twelfth hour: Temu sinks into the mouth of Nut, bringing night.
First hour of night: Temu becomes If, dead flesh. He is towed to the second hour by apes.
Second hour of the night: Once here, If becomes Ra once more, in the Hall of Judgement. All the dead rejoice to see Ra, and He gives them bread and beer.
Third hour of the night: Ra comes to the Fields of the Blessed, where all the souls sing his praises, and cry horribly when he leaves.
Fourth hour of the night: Ra comes to the lands of Sokar. His boat is transformed into a serpent and carries him through by shooting out flames from its mouth. This land contains all the evil swallowed by Ammut, and even Ra's rays cannot penetrate the darkness of the evil here.
Fifth hour of the night: Ra comes to the center of the Land of Sokar. . There is a dead beetle in a mound of sand. The serpent stops on the mound, and Ra and Khepri are united.
Sixth hour of the night: They sail through the mansions of Ausar.
Seventh hour: The hidden lands of Ausar. Ra makes Ausar live again.
Eighth hour: Ra comes to the Circles of the Duat, where his enemies are slain.
Ninth hour: The hidden circle of Amentet. Ra throws water on the souls here, and pauses to reignite the sundisk from the snakes who breathe fire, that line the passages of this hour.
Tenth hour: Ra scatters the body parts of his enemies, and promises his followers here that they will never be corrupted.
Eleventh hour: The pits of the Duat. Ra punishes his enemies by making them torture themselves. Some are constantly immolating themselves, others are cutting out their tongues, still others dismember themselves completely.
Twelfth Hour: City of rebirth. Ra is carried through the serpent called “Life of the gods” to the paths of the sky. Shu carries Ra to the Gate of Life (Nut's womb), whereon Ra transforms into Khepri, bringing light once more to the earth.
Tuesday, July 15th, 2008
11:29 pm
Where is Netjer/Netcher/GOD

Hello everybody, I have a simple question: Where is Netjer/Netcher/massive kemetic godhead from. While I accept many Kemetic polytheists believe in soft polytheist or Monolatrism, and do have evidence to back this up, I can’t find where this particular belief that all gods are Netjer comes from. Sure there was the belief that all gods were part of Amun or Atum or even Nit I have found no textual or modern archeological evidence. In fact Netjer from what I have found is simply equates to “a god” with Netjeret meaning a goddess and Netjeru as the plural, their appears to be no great GOD Netjer/netcher. So where does this belief come from, am I just missing something.

Monday, March 24th, 2008
4:11 pm
Anybody Read This Book....?
 Nyny. Yo. All that good stuff,
        This weekend I borrowed a book from a friend, _The Mysteries of Isis_ by deTraci Regula. Before I sound off and say anything about this book--and I have quite a few thoughts about it--I figured I would post here and maybe a couple of other forums and ask for others' thoughts. Anybody ever read this book? Also, anybody read _Circle of Isis_ who cares to comment? I'm curious to hear it, good or bad. I'm especially interested to hear a 'Kemetic' versus a 'Wiccan' perspective on either of these books.
      Hoping to hear from YOU....


Current Mood: curious
Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
3:21 pm
Anybody Home...?
 Nyny! (That's an Egyptian form of "Hello" not used much in HoN circles!)
        I saw this group and I'm really interested in chatting here. It's really hard to find people interested in Egyptian (or 'Kemetic', though I've grown uncomfortable with the word) spirituality that aren't members of House of Netjer.
A few months ago I went onto e-cauldron hoping to find some understanding folks I could vent to, only to find a brand-new member who said I was "bashing her religion". What about the 'bashing' I got on their forums? Sheesh. Anyway, I posted a journal further explaining my beefs with them. 
       I noticed there hasn't been much new activity here in awhile, hope there are some folks still reading!
Monday, August 28th, 2006
2:10 pm
not quite usual...
I just couldn't join HoN because...well...my beliefs are so flexible, they change from day to day.

But some things don't. I always have been a child of Sekhmet and Yinepu, a beloved of Wesir (i always felt a strange love--really--a tenderness, a warmth for Him), and a sister of Aset. Though i put up a huge stink about being a Duirwydd/Druid, i just can't tear myself away from Kemet.

I think it was when i was 3 and i saw the program "Pyramid" back in 1988 that i realized that it was something that i longed to be a part of. I can still recall praying to Bastet at Christmas of 1992, and in 6th grade, i tried to perform funerary rituals for a bird i found dead in the front yard. Now i'm turning completely and freely to the faith i believe in.

Senebty. I'll try to post frequently.


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Friday, February 17th, 2006
1:22 pm
An Egyptian Inspired poem
Let me drink form your lips
the chalice of divinity your soft
breath awakens my soul

Your eyes are pillers of light
that burn even in my darkest hour
liberating me and giving me sight

Your touch releases my body
form the chains of numbness
warming me giving me color
removing the wrappings from
my mouth so that I may breathe

I bow to your wisdom and dignity
your grace leaves me speechless
Iam but a novice at your feet

Your strength gives my spirit
wings which fulls me with great joy
and allows me to be at peace

You say my name softly
giving it life with every thought
of me you give me ever lasting life
Saturday, February 4th, 2006
12:45 pm
Since It been a while since I poseted lasted a long while and I see a lot of new names I would like to intraduce myself I am A priestess of Isis Iam all ways liking for new information on egyptian ritual and the gods and goddesses . Iam all wyas looking for a good chat and hope that I can bring some good topics to this page.
Sunday, December 11th, 2005
3:34 pm

Here's a little intro:

Egyptian SideCollapse )

And I saw a post below this one about Greek-Egyptian type followings. I'm one of the same. Always been drawn to one particular Greek diety. I dabbled in Asatru for a couple of years as well, specifically Loki and then Tyr before I spun out on the road to religion and went all over the place again searching everywhere for that fun little bit of knowledge that'd lead me where I needed to go. I was accepted as a potential student to the Illuminati of Thanatosis (Ref. Liber Null and Pyshonaught and Liber Kaos in that order by Peter Carroll), but due to being so all over the place over the past well.. lifetime, I've not dedicated a whole lot of time trying to become initiated and remained pretty much a solo practitioner.

Finally - after arguing with a friend for years about stuff "I can't tell you!" she'd say and I'd say "I already know. Don't say you can't tell me." - I accepted it. I finally said "Fine. Ok. So the Egyptian dieties are trying to get my attention. Whoohoo..... Now what?"

Well, here I am. Searching for others who can potentially give me some advice on this road to Ancient Egypt.

But I got some questions to:

Did the 'Ring Around the Rosies" song really come from the Ancient Egyptians casting children into the fire as a sacrifice to the Gods?

That's always been a huge tack in the seat. I don't want to be associated with something like that and it really worries me that this will be what people's minds will flash to if they heard I was on a Kemetic path.

Is there a Temple in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, or any groups that'd be willing to sit down over coffee and talk a bit about this path, their views and such?

Well that's pretty much it for now.

Have a good one!
Sunday, September 18th, 2005
8:58 am
Hi. I'm fairly new to Kemeticism, but would consider myself "non-mainstream." I have a few Greco-Roman leanings. Doesn't seem like many Kemetic types like Greece or Rome. They did some good things, you know?

I'm also not necessarily a diehard political liberal, which is an assumption many people make when you're pagan.

Of the Netjer, I honor mostly Djehuty and Set, but also try to honor Hethert and Amen-Ra. I honor one or two gods from the Greek pantheon as well.

I'm solitary in practice and that probably won't change anytime soon.

Nice to meet you all.
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
8:17 pm
Musings on ma'at...
There is something that has been niggling in the back of my mind for a long time now, and it is becoming increasingly likely that it is going to develop into a very important theory in my spiritual path, and I need to put it down in a written format so I can really start to play with the concepts entailed therein. I must hasten to assure everyone that this isn't a finished theory, merely something I am playing with and it will likely be greatly changed by the time I come to consider it ready to be used in any real way.

On ma'at and asfetCollapse )

Cross posted to a few places...sorry if you end up spammed as a result!

Current Mood: thoughtful
7:01 pm
London Kemetics?
Hi all,

I am looking to contact any other kemetics in the London/Surrey area of the UK. I am reasonably sure there may be a temple running in London. I am not sure I want to actually join another temple, as I am happy with finding my own path worshipping solo for now, but it'd be great to be linked with others of the same beliefs.

Does anyone know of any Kemetics in London?

3:47 pm
New member just signing in to say hello to all reading this community. Nice to be amongst you!
Thursday, January 13th, 2005
11:09 am
Crocodile Saves Man From the Clutches of the Tsunami

Here is a hearwarming tale of a person swept out to sea in Sri Lanka during the Tsunami, and had a friendly Crocodile come to his aid.  The dragon actually towed the man around for a few hours before gently depositing him on a river bank.  Do you wonder why the ancient egyptians worshipped these beings?  All Hail Mighty Sobek!

'Croc Saved Me from Tsunami'

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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
7:41 pm
Ankh, Udjat, Seneb
I was browsing through Kemetics on Yahoo and came across this site:

House of the Open Eye

It intrigued me alot as on their home page they state:

We believe that as man has evolved so have the Netjer, and, consequently, so should the Kemetic religious practices. We worship, serve, and honor the Netjer in ways that are relevant to our modern day psyche and surroundings. We do not try to limit our understanding of the Netjer solely to what the Ancient Egyptians believed, but let the Netjer Themselves tell us of the roles They are to play within our lives.

That kind of hit home and I asked for more info but he website hasn't been updated in at least 2 years and it's owner is probably offline.

My question is: Are there any Modern Kemetic paths out there like this one?

I would be very interested.


Current Mood: curious
Monday, October 18th, 2004
8:27 pm
Em Hotep
I'm new to this community and thought I would say Hi.

I lean toward Heru and Amun as my patron Gods, hence the name I have taken for myself.

HeruSwnAmun which means "Heru opens the way to Amun" (thanks again fyrekat for all your help)

I really don't have any formal Kemetic training but fyrekat and isian are teaching me much.

Well I guess that's it for now.


Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, July 24th, 2004
10:20 pm
Em hotep
I have just set up a LJ account. I call myself a priestess of Sekhmet, although I do not belong to a formal Kemetic organisation. I work with the neterw, especially Sekhmet, Ast, Anpu and Bes. Much of my work is done with one other. In addition, I am a member of a Golden Dawn temple. I hope I have not intruded by joining this community. 
Thursday, July 15th, 2004
11:09 pm
:) I probably don't fit the 'credentials' for being in this community, you know. But senetwesir asked me to join with such an excited spirit that I could not say no. So.. why exactly did I say yes? Because I believe in communion. And I enjoy communication with other Kemetics. It does not phase me if we do not agree on the same subjects - I take no offence at our differences in worship practises or dogma. I don't mind if you call Asar -Ausar or Wesir. I don't mind if you have a Nisut or a Heri Tep or a bee-in-your-bonnet. If you are attracted to the idea of a spiritual love for one of the Netjeru then I'd like to get to know you :)

With respect to honesty though, I am waiting to become a member of Per Ankh. But even on doing so, I would still wish to commune with you guys in a relaxed manner through LJ :)

I know SenetWesir deleted her journal.. I beg you not to let that keep you silent on anything you'd like to 'bring up' or 'feel the need to say' :)

With respect,



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Friday, July 9th, 2004
9:49 pm
My new Anpu Icon!!
I just had to spread the joy and show off my new Anpu Icon ISIAN made for me!!

THANK YOU soooooo much Isian!!!

Current Mood: jubilant
Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
6:49 pm
a novel on Ancient Egypt
an extraordinary novel about Ancient Egypt
This is to the public and not just to the Kemetic community. My book is out now on Amazon.com. It is called The Pharaoh's Crook and Flail. It's 500 pages long. Below are some excerpts about the book. For those of you in Kemetic communities orthodox or conservative, please be aware that this does have some strong Atlantean themes and does mix Kemetic traditions with other mystic traditions and viewpoints of other cultures.It is not based on archaeological evidence nor on "the facts." This is a story from the heart and distant memories which led me to my own path to Osiris. It is also geared towards women's issues of self-esteem and has some very heavy subjects regarding this. The book can do one of two things. It can either bring the deepest hope and comfort to the reader and give a new feeling of purpose and upliftment of the heart, or it could shake the reader's present foundation (at least on a *subconscious* level). While this novel can be visualized as your basic disney animation type plot, it definitely contradicts the values of our current day Hollywood movie media.
About the Book

Never in your life have you read a book like the one you’re about to read. If you’re ever lonely and yearn for divine love, this book is for you.
A woman named Pelagia undergoes an irreversible loss. It transports her to the higher civilization of Ancient Egypt millenniums before Moses’ time. Experience what it would be like to live in a time when Pharaohs were once real incarnations of divine love and wisdom. Pelagia encounters such love with Avatar and Pharaoh Nefer who with his thoughtfulness and caring helps her to transcend her difficulty.
An evil magician also knows Pelagia’s weakness and offers her a tempting opportunity to alter her difficult fate at the cost of betraying her one true friend by destroying his whole peaceful civilization. Will she turn to the darkness by choosing the beauty that the evil enchanter offers or will she choose the pure love that Nefer gives?
Dear Reader, you see many books on the market today and they’re mostly about a pretty young, skinny girl under age twenty five who is society’s perfect ideal image. Here in these pages, you won’t find your typical every day novel. There has never been a story like the one you are about to read and you may never see another one like this one again for perhaps a few thousand years. It is time once again for people to know the lost truths that once were honored thousands of years ago before the material age took over planet earth. You are special, Dear One. You do have a special place in this Universe and in the Heart of the Divine.
This story is specially blessed by the Divine. Please open your heart. Are you ever feeling lonely or unwanted or neglected? I now invoke the Presence of all Great Avatars to permeate this story and bless you in ways you never dreamed possible. I pray that this story will open in your heart the possibility of experiencing a very lasting love that will fulfill your heart, mind, and soul. Who do you love? What deity do you worship? What aspect of the Divine stirs your heart? I invoke the Beloved Whom you adore to be with you throughout this story as the Avatar Nefer while you dear reader, become the protagonist.
“Oh, Nefer!” she cried. This was the love of an Avatar. It was so amazing and incomprehensible. She took her eyes away from the reflection and looked up at him.
“Well, what do you see, Little One?”
“I’m with you and I look happy.”
“Isn’t that something beautiful? Isn’t the fact that we’re together something beautiful?”
“Well, yes. I guess. I was glowing, but that was only because you were holding me and--I really like it when you do.” She let the words slip out.
“And don’t you look beautiful, Little One, when someone loves you for who you really are and the joy of that love fills your heart?”
“Well, I did look happy,” agreed Pelagia, “but I wasn’t beautiful.”
“What do you think you need to be beautiful?”
“Um, uh--.I was thinking more like having a long neck and being able to stand up straight. I mean--.I would be really beautiful if I wasn’t a hunchback anymore.”
“Little One, you are beautiful when you experience real divine love. I will always love you, Pelagia, and love makes you beautiful. It shines through you.”
“You are beautiful and I love you too, Nefer,” Pelagia couldn’t stop herself from saying. She felt so much warmth inside her heart. Even if she was ugly, he really made an effort to reach out to her. She couldn’t believe that such a one in high position like Nefer would take the time to give her such special attention.
Still she felt a little bit disappointed that he didn’t raise his crook and flail to magically transform her into a lovely woman who was slender, tall, and shapely. She didn’t want to ever go back to Mehy. Nefer promised her love, but Mehy would give her beauty. Then maybe Nefer would love her evenmore. Mehy clearly had evil intentions. Now that Nefer had told her the truth about the Cult of Sutekh, she couldn’t lie to herself. Still, maybe she could have both Nefer’s love and Mehy’s beauty. She could just do one bad thing. She would steal the crook and flail and then receive the beauty that Mehy promised her.
order off of amazon.com
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